Handmade Bluetooth Speaker

This is a project I finished a while a go, but I never had the time to post it. It is about this bluetooth speaker that I made using a laser cutter, some wood glue, spray painting and some electrical components that I bought on dx.com. There is no need to know much about electronics, you just need to plug the components to make it work and a little bit of soldering.

The finished speaker

To build it you need to order the following parts from dx.com.

You can buy alternative components if you want, but these worked fine for me.

Then comes the laser cutting. I used 3 mm MDF for the structure and 1 mm balsa wood for the coverings. I sent the following files to a company called Idea Láser in Santiago, Chile to make the cuts.

MDF 3 mm, 60x30cm

Balsa Wood, 1 mm, 7.5x90cm

30x60cm MDF laser cut
Balsa Wood 1 mm, 7.5x90 cm
Balsa Wood 1 mm, 7.5×90 cm

There are some duplicated parts in case something goes wrong.

Once you have the wood cut, you can start assembling the body. You will also need a 4 mm circular wood stick of around 50 cm long. Now you have to build a 2 stacks with the side parts and wood glue, using the wood stick as a guide. Each stack should have 20 side parts.

Putting together the side parts

Then you need to glue the upper and lower covers and the rings. To give some structure and make the gluing process easier you can use the front and rear covers.


DSC_0629After that you will have to use sand paper to make the outer surface smooth, because is very likely that the MDF parts were not exactly 3 mm thick. Then you are ready to paint. I used white spray painting and I painted it around 3 times.

In the meanwhile you can glue the balsa wood front and rear covers to the corresponding MDF parts.

The electronics are rather easy, just basic soldering. You can see the connections in the diagram. The hardest part would be to remove the power button and bypass the power switch. To turn on the BT module, you need to press the power button for around 3 secs, after the power switch was turned on. Since this button is normally closed, you need to remove it and replace it with another one that you action from the outside. Also, you need to control the power switch from the outside, so solder an external and bigger switch. Solder both parts from the bottom of the board. Before you do that, make sure you made the appropriate holes in the back cover and install the button and the switch. You can make these holes with a dremel or, even better, you can include them in your laser cutting files.

Back holes for buttons
Back holes for buttons
Circuit Diagram
Circuit Diagram

When your circuit is ready (test it first) glue the speakers to the MDF front cover. I used super glue for that. You can also glue the modules to the Speaker.

Now your speaker is ready! If you have any comments or questions feel free to ask! I know there is room for improvement (I am already working on the second version) and I would love to hear your suggestions!

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